Anytime I want to give myself an energy boost, I listen to Lit Up by Buckcherry. One of my favorite songs of my generation. However, I don’t love the cocaine!


My WordPress Origin

While it’s not all in text format, the following image is from a blog post in 2007 that pretty much explains how I ended up using WordPress for the long haul. I obtained the image from an archive I had on an external hard drive.

How I Started Using WordPress

How I Started Using WordPress

I used a blogging network called EFx2 before I found out about EFx2 was awesome not only for what it offered but also because of the community surrounding the effort. The community and network effect of EFx2 far surpassed any killer feature EFx2 could offer as far as blogging was concerned.


Is This The Mens Room?

A most excellent bathroom sign. Obviously, that’s the mens room.

amsterdam sign


What Is A Journalist Anyways?

Let me start off by saying I’ve never gone through a journalism class or have received training to become a journalist. I’ve used various sites within the past 10 years to write about things I’m interested in. It just so happens I took a big interest in WordPress when I discovered how easy it was to publish content and modify themes to make it look the way I wanted.

I started watching the project and would publish my thoughts on the direction WordPress was traveling. I published news articles, opinions, and linked to others in the WordPress community when I thought their article was something others should see. The way I write posts I consider to be common sense. I read a blog post, figure it out in my head and then write what I think, linking where possible. I’m a curious guy who doesn’t have all the answers so I ask questions when possible to those I thought would have the answers.

Somewhere along the way, people began to view me as a WordPress Journalist. I think of journalists as people who report on a story, with all the facts in hand, checking them 50 times to make sure they’re right. They write for the New York Times, Washington Post, and appear on CNN. Journalist is a serious word and I think it carries with it a lot of baggage or responsibilities. Baggage I’ve not trained myself to carry around. I don’t view myself as a journalist but rather, an enthusiast blogger fascinated with the WordPress open source project. That at least sounds a lot more fun than being a journalist, where everything seems to be so serious all the time.

In the age of blogging, it’s been discussed multiple times as to when blogging becomes journalism. When is that line crossed if the line exist at all? I don’t have the answer. I’m just some guy who lives in Ohio, that writes about WordPress because it’s something I’m interested in. I’m not trying to be a 60 Minutes kind of guy but rather, satisfy my own curiosity. If that’s what a journalist is, I guess I’ll add that to my list of fancy titles and live with it.


The Frustrations Of Not Being An English Major

English is my native language but I’ll be damned if I know the intricacies of writing it, let alone speaking it. I’ve learned a few things along the way but there is a part of me that avoids trying to learn the proper way of writing the English language. Knowing verbs, adjectives, possessive this and that. All the stuff I’ve forgotten from the days of school. I’ve relied on the spell checker in the browser and occasionally, I’ll Google the definition of a word before I use it.

In the past few years of publishing content, I’ve been able to avoid people intent on making sure every grammatical mistake on the web is fixed. Sure, I’ve had the comments where people suggest other words or corrected a typo or two and I’m thankful for those. The thing is, if you can understand the point I’m trying to get across, what’s with all this other crap surrounding the point.

In certain situations, I can see how punctuation, grammar, and the like are important for people to understand points I’m making. The ability to publish things I write the way I speak is fulfilling. But correcting this mistake, that mistake, and seemingly never being able to write something that doesn’t require at least one correction, sucks. Why do I have to subject myself to those rules? I’d like to tell the English language to kiss my ass and let me do things my way.

I guess I should just hunker down and read English for dummies and try to at least obtain some semblance of writing skills. After all, if I can stop making those writing mistakes, that’s less I have to bitch about! By the way, style guides are books used to put people to sleep.


Looking Up

One of the greatest feelings I experience in life is looking up to the heavens on a cool, crisp, clear night when the stars are easy to see. I take deep breaths in the cool air and somehow, it seems to rejuvenate me. Looking up at the heavens, wondering many things. Reflecting on life, questioning if we’re alone within our universe and what the future has in store for me. Looking up at planets, stars, and galaxies reminds me how small and insignificant I am in the grand scheme of themes.

Just when it seems I’ve arrived at a Eureka moment, I notice the dog is ready to come back inside. I let her in and continue on with my meaningless life.


I’m Not In The Cult Of Mac

I’ve had the privilege to use a Macbook Pro free of charge for the past few months. Decked out, retina display, the works. I’ve owned an iPhone since the 3GS and it’s been a wonderful device. The Macbook is the first Apple computer I’ve ever owned. I used the opportunity to learn the quirks of the Apple ecosystem. Instead of control C it’s command C. The mouse I tested in the Apple store has one button with no way to right-click. I’ve learned by using the Macbook Pro that it doesn’t improve my productivity at all, it slows it down.

One of the biggest pains in the ass with a retina display is when I take screen captures, the resolution of the image is doubled. What would normally be a 500 pixel wide image on my desktop is a 1,000 pixel wide image on the Macbook. So far, I haven’t found a way to take screen captures in non-retina display resolutions. Speaking of Retina, I don’t see what the big deal is. Things look nice on the screen but they look pretty damn good on my LED monitor as well.

So far, I’ve yet to do anything with the Mac Book Pro that justifies its cost. I’d never be the owner of a Mac Book Pro now that I’ve had the chance to use one the past few months. I’d rather use a decked out 15 inch Windows 7 Home Premium notebook. This way, I could use the same exact programs and workflow I use on my desktop. My mouse would have a right click button and I can go back to using Control-C instead of a command key. I’d be more productive and happier overall.


Now In 24oz Cans

Found this on my office desk today. I suppose this is a 24 oz mountain dew tallboy.

20 Oz Mountain Dew


Best Friends Mom Passes Away

The other night, I was startled to discover at 5 AM that my best friends mother had passed away at the age of 80. Just a few days ago, she went into the hospital because she was having chest pains and once the heart specialist put a camera into the valves around her heart, they discovered that all of them were around 80-90% blocked. The doctor couldn’t believe that she was still alive and walked into his office. They were to perform immediate heart surgery but postponed it for a few days because they discovered that she had weaker than normal lungs. Early Monday morning, she went in for surgery. The surgery went well as it involved taking veins from her foot and using those for a heart bypass. She was under the knife for six hours. Once it was over, she was groggy but conscious enough to speak a few words. During that night in recovery, while everything seemed ok, the world lost a great woman. The doctors tried for 30 minutes to bring her back but to no avail. As of now, no one knows what happened and the doctors are flabbergasted as to her death.

I’ve been trying to help support him through this troubled time in his life and it’s even more troubling to know that the house he lived in with his mother will now be silent with only himself to occupy it. I believe that for him, the silence will be deafening. She was quite a quilter and now he begins the process of celebrating her life and performing the necessary tasks of cleaning up (organizing, donating, and throwing items away) after a family members passing.

You know, you go through life and no matter what, you can’t seem to get away from death. Life moves at a fast pace but deaths of family members and friends or people that you have connections with act as stop signs. Times to stop and reflect on life, both theirs and your own.


The Great Hornsby

Ended up getting quite a bit done today. I finished up the process of re screening the four windows in the kitchen. I managed to install a new dryer vent that is louvered so that it’s closed when the dryer is off and open when it’s on. I then proceeded to caulk the connection point between the brick and the dryer vent but because I caulked first before putting the dryer vent in place, I broke the seal and ended up getting caulk where it wasn’t supposed to go. I should have screwed the vent into the brick and then caulked. Regardless, I have a lot of practice to do to get the caulking technique down pat. Last but not least, I finally talked my fiancee into getting this big barrel out of the garage and thus, out of my way. He was found at the other house we are trying to sell and is now in the garden with a flower pot on top. I’m pretty happy that he’s out of my way. Oh, and if you’re wondering about what the great hornsby is, it’s the name my fiancee gave to the barrel.

The Great Hornsby Barrel


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