Mid Week Progress Report

It’s been a few days since I’ve received some advice and a good talking too from many friends about my job and opportunity that lies before me. Since those conversations, I’ve had a more positive approach and attitude which seems to have resulted in better output.

Over the course of this week, I’ve done a good job of being in the thick of things when it comes to WordPress. This is where I excel and do my best work. I’ve been flying solo but it hasn’t affected me as much as I thought it would. In many ways, my experience at work this week is reminiscent of years past. I’ve been in a great groove, I just hope I don’t get an email that derails the train.

I’ve Got a Problem and The Solution Isn’t More Cowbell

I’m struggling with my day job. I recently completed a week of vacation in which I discovered that I want to write about WordPress when I’m not required to write about it. Go figure! Returning from staycation, I’ve had a difficult time finding things that inspire me to write about WordPress. More often than not, my FeedReader is filled with items that make me go Meh at best.

Since my job is to write about WordPress on a daily basis, this is not good. My FeedReader is filled with tutorials, questions, crap, and other things dealing with WordPress that don’t create that spark of creative writing.

When I initially applied for the job, I said that all I wanted was for someone to pay me to sit on my ass all day and write about WordPress. I have what I wanted but I’m not happy. Things have changed and no matter how hard I try to replicate the environment which generated success 4 years ago, it doesn’t seem to show up.

With WordPress powering over 23% of the web, you’d think it would be easy to find something to write about. Well, it’s not as easy as you might think. A lot has to do with my interests and whether I see something that readers may find interesting or helpful. For the most part, it has to interest me first before I start writing about it.

There’s a part of me that feels like WordPress has passed me up. It’s like everyone is using or developing WordPress in ways that go way over my head. I have no interest in learning what Sass or Less is yet, there is definitely a crowd yearning for that knowledge.

After nearly a decade of writing about WordPress, I’ve almost reached a point where I don’t want to be a journalist anymore and instead, just want to mingle in the community. I’ve thought about this a lot and if I could start over with a WordPress centric site, I’d make the whole thing a forum. Forums are a great way to archive things and have discussions about sites or articles that don’t need a front page mention.

A forum is a great way to establish a community and an identify. It’s a way to feel like you belong somewhere. I’m passionate, enthusiastic, and have a knack of connecting the dots for people. This is why I think I’d be able to successfully build and maintain a rocking WordPress forum. I’m a down to earth, no bullshit kind of guy that is able to listen to people, no matter what their status is in the community.

That’s not to say every now and then, I wouldn’t want to write a long, thoughtful post on a particular subject. But doing it everyday even when paid is a pain in the ass, especially when you can’t find anything to write about. Funny how when I’m put into a position I thought I’d be happy in, the opposite is true.

I think a lot of people would love to be in the position I’m in and yes, I do realize the position I’m in. It’s just that, the things you think would make you happy sometimes don’t and you don’t realize it until you’re in the thick of things. I’m working towards putting myself into a work environment and situation that makes me happy but until then, I’ll need to buckle down, trudge through the tough creative times, and gitter done.

How I Save Money Using AT&T Services

I’ve been an AT&T Uverse customer for a few years. The service has been great and I have no complaints. When I signed up for Uverse internet, I received an introductory rate for a one year commitment. Once the year was up, the rate increased to the normal price.

In order to cancel a service, you need to speak with a rep so they can figure out why you’re cancelling and provide anything possible to keep you as a customer. Just to see what would happen, I called AT&T to cancel my service.

I spoke to a friendly lady and explained that I was receiving offers from TWC, Comcast, and others for equal services but at a great introductory rate of around $30 for two years. I told them that I had no problems with my Uverse service but paying $56 per month had me considering switching. I asked if there was anything they could do to lower my bill as I’d prefer to not leave them.

After crunching some numbers, they had two offers. One would allow me to keep my same internet speed and lower the bill by $10 a month. I almost went with this plan but the service rep told me if I wanted the lowest price possible without bundling any other services, I should take advantage of the manager special. The manager special bumped up my internet speed to 18Mb for $30 per month if I agreed to a one year commitment. Of course, I went with the manager special.

These big service providers like AT&T will do almost anything to keep customers. I know that and use it to my advantage. So far, I’ve been able to avoid paying regular price since I became a Uverse customer. After this one year commitment is up, I’m going to call them back and re-negotiate a new plan that avoids paying regular price.